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pickPack :
Superpower PDFs, Picklists, Labels

  • Vastly simplify & speed up Magento order processing
  • Customise: Picklists & Packing Sheets, Invoices, CSVs



  • $99

Great Picklists Optimise Pick/Packing

  • Sort by shelf location - optimise the picking route through the warehouse.

  • Show custom attributes and images to make sure you're grabbing the right item.

  • Highlight picks that are more than 1 x qty : if you're usually selling single items this can help your warehouse pickers spot multiple-qty orders.

  • Faster & accurate warehouse picks mean faster deliveries, with less customer blowback - saving you negative reviews and improving brand quality and reorder rates.

Integrated Packing Sheets / Invoices

  • Print integrated labels, zebra labels, address labels : by including everything on one sheet you'll speed up packing, cut down printing costs, and present a professional brand image.

  • Include prepaid postage labels (eg. Royal Mail PPIs), filtered by Magento shipping method.

  • Show full-colour product images to boost brand image and reduce picking mistakes.

  • Include all product info, including bundle children options/attributes. pickPack comes with detailed filtering options - eg. if you need to filter bundle parents, show only un-shipped items, or filter by supplier, you can do that.

  • Integrates with multiple Giftwrap/giftcard/checkout-comment extensions, so you can see clearly what each customer ordered.

pickPack has helped us simplify our order processing as well as enabling our picking and packing documents to be perfectly on brand. Our team find it much easier to pack and our customers love our customised packing sheets. Thanks pickPack!
Krisi Smith, Bluebird Tea Co.

Zebra-label Support Built-in

  • Print Zebra labels direct in your Zebra or Avery printer.

  • Add postage labels based on the Magento shipping method, or based on custom rules with courierRules.

  • Include a mini-picklist - either inside the label, or after each order on its own label.

  • Add order-id barcodes - process orders as they go out the door, with shipEasy.

  • Print auto-generated CN22 customs labels on relevant orders with autoCN22.

Integrates with barcode processing

  • Print Order IDs as barcodes in multiple places - eg. show in the titlebar, in the shipping label and in a tear-off label.

  • You can then scan the address label (eg. using shipEasy) as each order is on the way out the door.

  • Processing orders with a barcode scanner makes the whole process a lot faster and less prone to errors, and keeps your customers happier - you can easily keep them up-to-date with each stage of the packing cycle.

  • You can also print a barcode for each individual product on the picklists.



Can I print on any printer?

pickPack outputs PDFs - if you can print a PDF, you can print pickPack's tasty PDFs! This includes ink-jet & laser printers, and the small thermal/ink-jet zebra label printers.

Can I sort packlists by shelf/location?

Yes! Get ready to speed up your picking process.

Can I print on integrated labels?

Yes! You can nudge all the bits around to fit perfectly on your integrated labels.

Can I change the printed logo based on the store?

Yes! Easy-to-manage Amazon and eBay orders are here - easily stay within the TOS and not print your website URL on those orders, while adding it to your own website orders.

Is it easy to install?

If you've installed Magento extensions before, you'll find it super easy. See our guide if you're not sure. We also have a paid installation service.

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